Thursday, 9 August 2012

TAG: Products I Regret Buying

Hi everyone today I will be doing the Products I Regret Buying Tag.
These are all my personal opinions therefore,
you may find these products work for you.


Marc Anthony strictly curls curl defining lotion
I regret buying this product because I hardly ever use it
and I hate the smell of it to me it smells like plastic lemons.

Clean and Clear invisible blemish treatment
In my opinion this product does not dry out any blemishes 
like it is supposed to, in fact it acctually made my
blemishes worse.

Revlon nail enamel in Zealous
I do not like the colour all that much and
the consistency is too thin and too sheer.

Misa nail lacquer in The grass is greener on my side
Now this colour I love, but the consistency of this
polish is way to thin and hard to work with,
 and it takes way to long to dry.

Maybelline color tattoo in Tough as Taupe.
I actually like this product, however I regret buy it in
this colour, it makes me look like a zombie with dark
circles around my eyes.
I was trying buy outside the box with this colour but it backfired.

Bonnebell eye definer in Hot Cocoa and Eggplant
These eyeliners are horrible they do not go on smoothly
at all therefore you have to be tugging at your eyelids
just to get a colour pay off.

These are the products that I regret buying
Which ones do you regret?

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