Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back To School: Shopping Tips

Hey everyone back to school shopping is one of my 
favourite times of the year.
Their is nothing better than to end your summer with
a shopping spree!!
Here are some tips to help you have the 
perfect wardrobe this year.

1. Stock up on essentials  
Things like V necks and cami's come in handy during the school year
2. Don't buy for the sake of buying 
Buy pieces you genuinely like or they wont be of any use to you
3. Expand your horizons
Try out different stores, styles, colours and trends you may be surprised
4. Versatility
Buy pieces that can be worn in multiple ways and outfits
5. Don't be afraid to splurge on classics
Don't worry about investing more money in a timeless piece 
Ex. a denim jacket or a good pair of jeans (they never go out of style)
6. Accessorize
Stock up on some jewelry, shoes and scarves 
7. Be trendy
A few trendy pieces will complete your wardrobe
8. Have Fun
 Be open minded, don't shop on an empty stomach and have fun

What are your shopping tips?

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